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Making it Bigger: The Penis You Always Wanted

We all ask the question does size matter?
Sure it does, If you are too big she won’t sleep with you! There are some
women that only like big cocks and there are some that don’t like big cocks. I
personally have run in more of the later than the former.


Let's begin:

Optical Illusion: Make it look bigger!
One thing you can do immediately to make the most of what you have is to
make you penis look bigger! This is another porno trick!
If you shave off all of the hair on your scrotum down to the base of your
penis both top and bottom, and trim the rest of your pubic hair down, your
penis will look about an inch longer.
This will also make you feel cleaner, and many women prefer to go down on
a man that is clean cut down below.


The Advantages of Having a Larger Penis:
· Increased self-confidence and self-esteem.
· Visually more of a turn on to your lover.
· Looks good in the locker room.
· Looks good in your pants.
· May stimulate your lover’s vagina more


You may have ask the question can I make my penis bigger and depending
on who you asked you might have gotten back “No” or vague or
unsatisfactory answers or worse.


So yes you can enlarge you penis
if you are willing to make the commitment to do the proper techniques on a
regular and/or daily basis for an extended period of time. If you are willing
to make this commitment you can make significant gains in the girth and
length of your penis. The minimum amount of time that you should consider
is six months, however you will start to see gains before that (individual
results will vary). It’s like any other personal development or skill that you
learn, if you want a Black Belt in the martial arts, it may take you 2-8 years
depending on the style, If you want to get muscle and look like a body
builder it may take you a 2-10 years. If you want to have the penis you

always dreamed of having and see results along the way, it may take 3
months - 2 years. So in all of the above cases you can either bitch about how
long it will take and give up and quit or you can make a commitment to your
goal and do a little work toward it every day and be for you know it you
have reached your goal and seen results along the way.

How you measure up to the average?

Erect Length: Erect Girth:
Small – less than 5” Less than 4 ¾” Circumference

Average 5” - 7” 4 ¾” – 5 ½” Circumference

Large 7” - 9” 5 ½” - 6 ½” Circumference

Huge 9”+ over 6 ½” Circumference


So where do you fall on the chart? Now that you know how big you are and
what is average, you need to decide how big it is that you want to be?

 As with anything in life set reasonable goals for your self. If you are 4
inches don’t set your self a goal of 10 inches in length. I am not going to say
that it is impossible, but a more reasonable goal would be six inches if you
starting with 4. For length I would recommend that you go no greater than
2” from where you are now. Try that out for a while and if you want more
length, then continue with the techniques. Also as for girth same rules apply,
however it is much easier to gain girth than length if you are using the
Hyperemiation technique. Again set reasonable goal and besides anything
over 6 - 6.5 in circumference is really BIG!


Hyperemiation or Vacuum Pumping
No doubt you have seen a vacuum pumps  sold here at 3XToys, in the back of a men’s
magazine or in a sex shop hanging on the wall and thought to your self “I
wonder if it really works?”. Maybe you have even bought one and tried it
with little or no success.

Dr. Joel Kaplan Penis Electric Penis Pump Medium
Vacuum pumps do work for some men, if used correctly and diligently over
time. The problem is the lack of information and instruction that comes with
the pump itself. In fact if you use the pump in the wrong way you could
actually injure your penis!
I know of many people including myself who have used Hyperemiation and
vacuum pumping to increase the thickness and length of their penises with
good results. It seems that an increase in thickness results much more rapidly
than in length. So if you are mostly interested in girth as that is what most
women prefer, then this is the technique that I would apply first.


There are a lot of Vacuum Pumps some are very well made.

You should get the best that you can
afford, the prices range from $20.00 to $300.00 for an electric pump version,
with a good pump usually costing about $75.00.

If this is out of your budget
you may opt for one of lesser quality and price. What ever the price, you
should get one that has hand pump with a pressure release valve on it that
will allow you to release the vacuum at will. 

You don’t want a pump with a chamber that is too
large for you. The chamber should be ¼ inch to ½ inch bigger around than
your erect penis, but not big enough for the chamber to cover or go over
your scrotum.
What actually happens when you use a vacuum pump is that as you apply
the vacuum to your penis, the outer skin of your penis expands outward
toward the walls of the cylinder, as this happens the deeper spongy tissue of
the penis (the Corpora Cavernosa and the Corpus Spongeosum) expand and
fill with blood and lymph fluid as they are being stretched by the vacuum
pressure. As the process is done over and over again for several months the
spongy caverns expand to a new larger size to accommodate the blood and
lymph. That is how the penis becomes larger

California Exotic Novelties Precision Pump Advanced, Clear the perfect pump for the first time or advanced pumpers

The Vacuum Pumping Technique:
Things you will need:

1. A quality Vacuum Pump with a pressure release valve.
2. Pumper’s Lube or some other water based lubricant, such as Wet, Probe,
or Astroglide.
3. A tape measure.
4. A towel to clean up any spilled lube and to wipe off afterward.


The Actual Technique:
1. Now move to a comfortable position, preferably siting up or at a 45-
degree angle. Generously lubricate the base and opening of the pump
where you insert your penis.
2. Lubricate you penis with the water-based lubricant and stimulate your
penis until your penis is either semi-erect or hard. And measure it with
the tape measure, both length and girth or circumference.
3. Insert your penis all the way into the clear chamber and close the
pressure valve.
4. Now this is where 90% of all men screw up, you want to create only a
moderate vacuum. If you over pump and create too strong of a vacuum
you could burst blood vessels or cause lymph blisters on your penis. So
you might be asking, “how do I know what a moderate vacuum is?”.
Here is a method that I have found to work, first start pumping slowly
until your penis stretches and expands to its limit. The way you know
the limit is 1) it will feel uncomfortable. 2) Your Penis will not stretch
much farther. If your semi-hard when you do this, you will see your
penis stretch, however if you are rock hard you might not even see it
stretch. So when you have found you limit and it seems a bit
uncomfortable, release some of the pressure from the release valve, until
you are at a pressure that is comfortable, yet you still feel a stretch.



5. Keep a continuous a vacuum on for 30-45 min. After which you should
release the pressure completely and remove your penis from the chamber
to examine it. Your penis should look
swollen and thicker. If there is not any noticeable gain in size or a
slightly swollen appearance you have not pumped long enough.
6. Massage your penis and area around the base gently for a minute, then
you may either stop or keep pumping for another 30 minute session.
I recommend that for the first month you take it easy and just do 30 minutes
a day 5-7 days a week. After that you might want to pump for a longer
duration of 45 minutes - 1 hour or so. I have heard of men pumping for up to
3 hours. I personally have never gone over 1 hour myself.
The key seems to be a balance of vacuum pressure and time, the longer the
better with a moderate pump. The greater the vacuum pressure the greater
the risk of injury and blisters. You will have to find the right balance for
yourself, where you have adequate pressure for a duration of time 30
minutes - 2 hours, which will give you the greatest gain without any injury.
If you do plan to go over and hour, which I have never done and don’t
recommend it, be sure to take a 3-5 minute break every 30 minutes, To allow
fresh blood to enter into the penis.
Tip: I have found that the Vacuum Pumping Technique is more effective if
the penis is erect during the session. While you will not be able to maintain
an erection through the whole session, I believe that you should start that
way, and try to maintain it for as long as possible. To aid in this I
recommend that you view some erotic material during the session, i.e. an
erotic magazine or video.


Repeat this technique on a daily basis 5-7 days a week if possible. Also I
find that it is good to take a week off every 3 months or so to let the tissues
fully recuperate.


 The attitude you need to have is that it will work and, “I Will have a BIG
COCK!” and “I Will and can last ALL NIGHT LONG!” Say it now! SAY IT OUT
LOUD! And believe it.