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Tantus Vibrating C-Ring 2" is available in two colors: Black and Red. Each sold separately. Equipped with a removable vibe, this 2 inch c-ring with a buzz is sure to please both parties! Phenomenal for anal sex, the vibration plays on all those nerve endings in the sphincter. Lube the inside of the ring and pull one testicle through then the other before pulling your cock through. The best placement for the vibe is under the testicles so it plays on the perineum. Tantus advice: Silicone is very dense and translates vibration like no other material. The width of the ring is a safety feature that most vibrating c-rings lack. Remember as a child putting a rubber band around your wrist and it breaking capillaries? The same thing happens with thin c-rings. Tantus Inc makes safe c-rings that can be easily sacrificed with a pair of scissors should problems arise. Phthalate free, non-toxic materials Silicone. Tantus Silicone Sparks, Nevada. Cock Cock Ring made in the USA. Vibrator not.