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Video Review Of The ZEUS ELECTROSEX XL SILICONE TORPEDO- Probe Excite And Stimulate Your Partner

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Smooth and stimulating. Probe, excite, and stimulate your partner with the Nimbus Silicone Plug by Zeus Electrosex. Smooth, body safe silicone glides against skin as dual conductive pads create a stimulating pattern of current that teases and tingles from inside your body. Measurements: 6 inches in length, 5 inches in circumference. Material: Silicone and ABS plastic. Color: Blue. Note: Works with all Zeus Electrosex Power Boxes, sold separately. Safety: Electrosex is a sexual activity that requires caution. As a rule of thumb we highly recommend keeping electrosex play below the waist. In addition please do not use our products if any of the following apply to you: have a pace maker. Have epilepsy or other neurological disease. Are pregnant. Have heart disease. While driving or operating equipment. Near any metal objects such as piercing jewelry, rings, bracelets or metallic IUDs. Category: Zeus Electrosex, New Products, Anal Toys, Electrosex Gear. Nimbus XL Silicone Electro Plug from XR Brands.