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Expand Your Sexual Repertoire


Sometimes, you can have sex with a new partner and think you've gone to heaven, but the next time you have sex it's as ordinary as anything. Where did the magic go?

You can't have great sex every night. You shouldn't expect to have great sex every night. But as a guy, you have one huge responsibility, and that's to make sure that the very first night you sleep with a girl is an experience she'll remember.

Anticipate, Prepare, and Plot your Seduction

Here is how:

Expand your sexual repertoire by using lubricants and vibrators. Even if a woman lubricates naturally, a bit of extra lubrication can make things extra fun. Add a vibrator to the mix, and you'll discover why they're a woman's best friend.

Share your fantasies. Getting a woman to open up about her fantasies will give you a shortcut to pleasing her sexually. You may wish to try role-playing, spanking, using a blindfold, or light bondage. The key is to both be comfortable with the fantasy and stop if either party becomes uncomfortable.

Do some research. Pick up sone of these many books on sexual techniques and positions. Personally, Many lovers swear by the Karma Sutra. Don't just stop with books. These DVD films also will add to your fun..